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260+ Categories

Never get bored.  We have an extensive database of over 25,000 questions covering more than 230 football categories plus 21 other major sports.

Multiple Sports

Features all major sports including Football, Rugby, Cricket, Golf, Tennis, Cycling, Olympics, F1, Athletics, NFL, NBA, MLB, MotoGP, Speedway, Snooker & Darts.


Includes every English League team plus Scottish, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1 & other major European clubs as well as World Cup, Kits, Logos and more!

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SportsQuest is highly engaging and competitive and appeals to fans of all ages.  Who can answer most quickly and climb in rank and status to top one of the Leaderboards?


Play your friends in ‘real-time’ whenever you like and wherever you are.  You can still play solo to improve your rank when you or your friends are offline.

Fresh & Free

SportsQuest is constantly being updated, so there is always a new challenge.  Best of all, it’s free to download and free to play. Get it now.


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How does the scoring work?

The score you can achieve in a SportsQuest quiz is based on the number of questions you answer correctly and the speed with which you answer.  Each question is worth more points than the previous question. The theoretical maximum score for a single quiz is 15,000 points.

Why does the game have coins?

Coins can be used on in-quiz perks like 50/50 giving you a small amount of help.  You are awarded free coins if you win a Category Title by being top of a Leaderboard at the end of a week .  You can also win up to 10,000 coins free every day by spinning the wheel in the Lucky Spin.  You can buy extra coins via an in-app purchase if you wish.

How is my SportsQuest “title” made up?

In SportsQuest you have an in-game title which evolves as you play.  It is made up as a combination of your wealth, rank and your favourite team or most played category.  Your title is part of your in-game identity and can be influenced by accumulating coins, playing and winning more games and focusing on specific quiz categories.

What are trophies, titles and achievements?

Trophies are awarded for specific achievements and milestones.  For example, the first time you get 5/5 in a quiz you will be awarded the Perfect Run trophy.  Some trophies are harder to collect than others and require focus.  For example, you can only win the Celebrity trophy by playing a recognised celebrity and winning! Category Titles are awarded to players who are top of a Category Leaderboard at the end of a week.